Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Brightening up the Breakfast Room !

Thanks to Lucy in Attic 24 who creates the most wonderful colourful things for her home, I decided to try out something to brighten up my rather drab looking breakfast room. Lucy's blog is just full of lovely lively projects. I just look at her colourful photos of her work and it makes me happy!
So I started with her Happy flower decoration and took out my basket of cottons. I really could do with adding a few more brighter colours to the basket, but we have what we have at the moment, and I was anxious to get moving on it.

So here it is!!!! It holds pride of place on the light blue wall and has caught the eye of everyone who passed it today. I'm delighted with it.
Happy hanging flower

Then I decided to use another one of Lucy's ideas, Crochet tin cover, and I covered a small tin plant pot for the window-sill. I think it will look great with a nice spring bulb flower which I will organise tomorrow. 

So here's this one! I'm new to blogging and the positioning of photos etc, so I'm off to google some finishing techniques for blogger! I'll also have to brush up on my photography skills.. Have a nice evening....

Flower Pot cover

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