Monday, 6 June 2011

6th June 2011 - Bank holiday Monday

Ok. So it all began when I was in the 2 Euro shop in February and picked up a seed kit of peppers, tomatoes, and strawberries for the kids to plant..... but by the time I had driven them home I had decided that the best nutritional and money saving venture I could do this year was to  plant some vegtables in the garden. From pot to plate... so there it began. By the begining of March, I had the kitchen windows, worktops, and part of the kitchen floor covered in various seed trays of tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, leeks, various herbs, chilli plants and cucumbers. They had begun to grow, needed to be separated, and after collecting as many small pots as possible (including yoghurt cartons, and any other waste kitchen vessels that I could pierce holes in and plant stuff in), I decided that it was time for them to go outside and free up the house again. So, in a few short months we have the following - several raised beds ( fenced off from the dogs and hens), a mega cheap 13.5 foot X 6 foot poly tunnel, and loads of thriving, and some withering vegtables and fruits!
Today we have ----- (some varieties are still a bit mixed up because I have 4 eager assistants, two of which cannot read properly yet, they are only 5 years old)...
15 tomato plants (moneymaker, beef and yellow cherry). All mixed up and maybe will cross pollinate ???
5 hanging basket red cherry tomatoes
6 cucumber plants
8 sweet pepper plants (bell )  again all mixed up!
2 courgette plants ( with 6 females already flowered but no males......... where are the men when u need them?!!)
6 cucumber plants
1 hot chili plant
1 Asparagus
3 Butternut squash
4 melon (still tiny seedlings)
1 Kiwi vine
15 strawberry plants ( originally 18, but mysteriously lost 3 in the tunnel)
loads a lettuce
radishes (already eaten)
perpetual spinach
brocolli (Luke's favourite)
turnips (we ate a few of those this weekend too)
Early potatoes
Cabbages (two survived)
Beetroot (I will be the only person eating this but I cant wait!)
Peas ( loads of flowers now)
Runner beans
Sweetcorn (one of the disasters due to the cold weather, but fingers crossed, it seems to be greening up a bit!)
Leeks (doing ok)
Onions (red and white...... very slow!)
Red cabbage
Cauliflower (around 3 of them)

Now I am watching them (and the weeds) grow! Also spending around 2 hours a day looking after them and watering them!!

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